Meet Our Team

McKenzie Daffin


McKenzie Daffin is the co-CIC for CH101. She is a life science major and a member of Corbin Forum Women’s Leadership club, the Pre-medical Society, and Spirit Band. She enjoys watching movies, cooking, biking, and reading. After West Point, she hopes to attend medical school and become an Army Surgeon. 

Gracie Mauer


Gracie is from Traverse City, Michigan (originally from Wisconsin), and intends on majoring in Chemistry. She is on the Rabble Rousers pom team, and enjoys dancing, the flute and bagpipes, skiing, tennis, painting, and music. Gracie intends on branching Med Services or Aviation.

Brian Lunn


My name is Brian Lunn, and I’m a chemistry major from Surprise, Arizona. I’ve been a slug for my whole time here, and I’m considering branching Chemical. I really enjoy cooking, hiking, spending time with friends, reading, and even painting rocks! I’m excited to help out with CH102 this semester.

Grant Lee

CH102 CIC & Prison Tutoring

My name is Grant Lee and I am from Gimpo, Korea. I am a life science major, a researcher at the Multifunctional Materials Lab, and a member of the kendo team. I hope to attend medical school after graduation and pursue a career in medical research in the field of psychiatry. I enjoy playing chess, reading, and tutoring others whenever I have the time. 

Hongbo Jia

CH275 CIC & Army Smart

Hongbo Jia is the CIC for CH275. He is a business management major from Barrington, Illinois. He participates in West Point Investment Club and Black and Gold Leadership Forum. He enjoys scuba diving, traveling, and gunsmithing. He hopes to branch Quartermaster.

Valentin Shatilenko


Valentin Shatilenko is the co-CIC for CH275. He is an economics major, and serves as ACIC of the Policy Debate Team, and is a member of Writing Fellows Program, Russian Forum and Opera club. Valentin enjoys the piano, skiing, and time with family, and currently calls Rogers, Arkansas home. After graduation, he hopes to branch Finance, and later pursue an MBA.

Halbert Kim


Halbert is a Life Science major from New Brunswick, Canada. He is the ACIC for CH 384 (Organic Chem II) and likes to participate in Canadian activities like ice hockey and snowboarding.

Xavier Thweat


Xavier is a pre-med Life Science major from Springfield, CA. He loves music, comedy, and sports (just got into soccer) and particularly enjoys hooping against tough competition. He is a member of the Bowling Club and West Point Pre-Medical Society, and hopes to attend medical school in the fall of '25.

Tristan Mckenzie


Tristan Mckenzie is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s a Life Science major and he does research with the Limbocker group in the CLS department. With a Stamps scholarship and 5 publications, Tristan is dedicated to science and pursuing a career in the medical field. He has tutored for several STEM courses in his discipline, and he is currently building the tutoring program for the Organic Chemistry sequence. He enjoys reading, helping others, and seeing his girlfriend. After West Point, he intends on attending medical school.

Benjamin Douglas

CY105 CIC & S1A

He is a computer science major from Salem, Oregon. He manages the Men's Soccer Team, and participate in the Black and Gold Leadership Forum and Cadet Media Group. He enjoys soccer, video production, coding, and music. He hopes to branch Aviation. 

Joseph Boiquaye



Gopalakrishna Dyhuti



Zoe Winston

EV203 CIC & S4

Zoe is a Math and Computer Science major and a member of the Drill Team and Corbin Forum. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, and going on walks with friends. Zoe is from McLean, Virginia. 

Micah Cook


Micah is an Arabic and International History major and a member of Corbin’s Forum and the Drill Team. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, traveling and cooking. She is from Clearwater, Florida. In the future, she hopes to become a Foreign Area Officer. 


Charlize Lowry


Charlize is a co-CIC for MA104. She is from Byram, New Jersey, and planning on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She is a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Corbin Forum Women’s Leadership Club. Outside of West Point, she likes to cook, watch movies, and listen to music.

Jaden Reenan


Jaden is an economics major from Longmont, Colorado. He is a member of the finance club and policy debate team. He enjoys skiing, running, flying, and coffee. After graduation, he hopes to branch aviation.

Aiden Solberg

MA205 & MA364 CIC

Aiden Solberg is a Physics Major from Silver Spring, MD. Aiden is a member of the Fencing team and part of the High Energy Laser Research Group. He is in Company C4 (GOOOO COWBOYS!) and extremely fired up about it. His hobbies include fitness, longboarding, and traveling to new places when he gets the chance. When he graduates, he hopes to branch aviation and fly for as long as he can. 

Jhenesy Fuentes

MA205 CIC & S1A

Jhenesy Lopez Fuentes is from Falls Church, VA. This semester she is an MA205 CIC. She loves STEM and is a Life science major and French minor. She loves to spend time with her younger sisters and listen to music. Jhenesy is on the H4 Sandhurst team. She hopes to branch med service!


Andrew Sanchez


Drew is a nuclear engineering major and proud member of company A1 from Carmel, Indiana. In his free time, he enjoys running, spending time with friends, and playing video games. After graduation, he hopes to branch Infantry and later pursue a PhD. 

Matthew Wanta

MA255 CIC & S6A

Matthew Wanta is a Math and Computer Science major from Jackson, WI. He is a member of the Cadet Chapel Choir, Cybertech, and Spirit Band. In his spare time, he enjoys running, coding, backpacking, and blacksmithing and hopes to branch Cyber. 

James Curran


James is a Chemical engineering major from Olympia, Washington. He enjoys fishing, hiking, watching hockey and baseball and spending time with his girlfriend. He hopes to branch Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

Nancy Astabie

PH201 CIC & Prison Tutoring

CDT Nancy Astabie is the Co-CIC for PL100 tutoring this semester. She is part of the class of 2025 and she is a Chemical Engineering major with a minor in Arabic. Nancy is in company E3 and participates in Company Sandhurst and CLS Research. She enjoys reading, backpacking, and drinking coffee. She has had a good time tutoring at CEP Study Sessions in the past, and she’s excited to organize some for PH201. 

James Peterson


I am a Mechanical Engineering major from Bridgewater, Massachusetts and am a member of the bowling club at West Point. I also teach religious education classes for the Catholic church on post. I am looking forward to serving as the PH201 CIC this year and can't wait to help my peers in any way I can! 

Daul Bae


Daul is an Applied Psychology major from San Antonio, TX. At West Point, he is on the paintball team and medical club. Following West Point, he hopes to attend medical school. Outside of West Point, he enjoys playing tennis and listening to music. 

Adam Fatebane


Adam is an Engineering Management Major from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is a member of Irregular Warfare Group. He enjoys playing golf and watching Philly sports. He hopes to branch Infantry.

Benjamin Nguyen

PH202 CIC & S4

Hello everyone, my name is Ben Nguyen and I am from Fountain Valley, California. My high school has four people here right now and one more coming here next year. I like to eat food and play the guitar. I am a proud member of the non-competitive drill team. I am an Electrical Engineering Major and I am in Company H4. 

Benjamin Evans

PL100 CIC & S6A

Ben Evans is an English major interested in all things psychology. He plans to branch Aviation and attend graduate school. In his free time, Ben likes to read and tutor his peers whenever he can. He is from Vero Beach, Florida. 

Ellery Doyna


Ellery Doyna is an Economics major from Austin, Texas. Ellery is a member of the Army Rocketry and Engineering sciences and the personal finance team. Ellery enjoys thrift shopping, talking about clothes and philosophy, listening to music, reading, running and investing.

Emily McCallum


Emily McCallum is a Space Science major and Arabic minor from Franklin, New Jersey. She is a member of the Spirit Band and Astronomy Club, and in her spare time she enjoys reading, running, and watching movies. After West Point, she hopes to attend graduate school and cross-commission into the Space Force.

Arthur Stein

SS201 CIC & Army Smart

 I am a Space Science major with a minor in Cybersecurity. I am from Khmilnyk, Ukraine but moved to Fort Polk, LA at a young age. I love listening to music in my free time and I am a huge Saints fan. I am also a member of the Drill Team. 

Thomas Dean



Katherine Lareau

SS201 CIC & S2

Katherine LaReau is the S2 and serves as co-CIC for SS201. She is a member of the West Point Glee Club, Corbin Forum, the Human Rights Lab, and the Black and Gold Leadership Forum. She serves as the Vice President of the class of 2025. Katherine is a Chemical Engineering major and hopes to branch Military Intelligence. She is from Indiana, so she enjoys the beautiful views of the Hudson River Valley over the flat corn fields at home. 

Teagan Reboli



Brianna Brasko


Brianna is a Life Science major & Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor from the class of 2025. She hopes to attend medical school after West Point. She is a member of the Pre-Medical Society, Building Giants, and Diversity Forum. She loves long distance running, reading, and exploring new places with friends and is looking forward to serving as a CiC this semester. Brianna is from Orlando, FL. 

Erick Rodriguez


Erick Rodriguez is a Nuclear Engineering major from Missouri. At West Point, he is a member of the Orienteering team, Writing Fellows, and an Excel Scholar. He loves to run in the cold, listen to the Weeknd, jump out of C130s, and watch telenovelas. Erick hopes to branch Infantry and attend grad school. He looks forward to serving as HI105 CIC this semester, offering his peers a resource he never had. 

Christopher Phebus



Jasmine Barco

Auxiliary CIC

Jasmine is a law major from New Jersey. She is a member of the Spanish Forum and the Tudor Society. She enjoys painting, cycling, and listening to quality music. For the future, she hopes to attend law school after West Point and get a dog. 

Nathaniel Sartell


Nate Sartell is a Mechanical Engineering major and is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Finance Club, and Chess Club. He is torn between Engineers, Aviation, and Infantry for his choice of branch and hopes to earn a masters degree in Civil Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering in the future. Nate likes to lift, play video games, and read on his free time.  

Zachary Bone


My name is Zachary Bone. I am from Huntsville, Al. I am a Chemistry Major with a Minor in Latin American Studies. During my free time, I really enjoy listening to music, practicing my Spanish, and building relationships with my friends! I am really looking forward to serving the Corps! 

Valencia Ramirez



Trenton Douthwaite



Georgia Jones

ODIA & Army Smart

Georgia is a cross-country and track runner at USMA. She is a high achiever and never settles for anything less than the best that she can perform. Georgia is from Mont Vernon, NH. 

Megan Nkawama


Megan Nkamwa is an American Politics Major from Maryland. She enjoys running, reading, and music. She aspires to attend law school and pursue a career in policymaking. She is excited to help cadets succeed this semester! 

Sarah Cao


Sarah an International Affairs and Chinese major. Sarah is from Plymouth, Minnesota and enjoys winter sports but not so much the cold. 

Mackenzie Courtright


Mack is a Mechanical Engineering Major with a Russian Minor. They are an active member of Spectrum, Russian Forum and the Wargaming Club, and enjoy reading and playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends here at West Point. Mack is from Caldwell, New Jersey and currently plans to branch Aviation. 

Bryce Sinclair


Bryce is a Mechanical Engineering major from Binghamton, New York. He is a member of the Space Engineering, Applied Research team and Aviation Club as well as various scholarly groups. He plans to branch aviation. 

Ann Hayes


Ann is an environmental science major with a love for anything outdoors, including skiing, hiking, camping, and backpacking. Here at West Point, she spends most of her free time on the mountain with Ski Patrol, or working on one of her art projects. She wants to branch Aviation and fly Blackhawks before retiring to the mountains. Ann is from Avon, Connecticut. 

Skyler Chauff


Skyler is an operations research major and member of the medical club and the drill team. He enjoys hiking, running, and reading. Skyler is an aspiring military intelligence analyst. He is from Nashville, TN. 

Ms. Sara Jones

CEP Tutor Director

Ms. Jones currently serves as the tutor director in the Center for Enhanced Performance. She studied English literature in college and in her free time, she enjoys reading celeb magazines. Cadet tutors' selflessness has always impressed Ms. Jones. She is from Charlotte, NC.