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CEP Peer Coaches are trained and supervised in providing mental skills and performance enhancement techniques for fellow cadets seeking to enhance physical, military, and/or academic performance. Contact one using the bios below! 

Looking to improve your mental skills?

Whether you're looking to improve your test taking skills, IOCT time, performance on the field, or confidence in yourself, Peer Coaches can help teach you the skills necessary to focus, be confident, and feel prepared. 

If you want to meet with a Peer Coach, contact Dr. Longshore at or fill out the survey using the QR code below!

Reasons to Seek Peer Coaching

What you can learn

Meet Our Peer Coaches

Jacob Turner (CIC)

My name is Jacob Turner (J.T.) and I am from Chino, California. I am an Organizational Psychology & Leadership major and a Diversity Inclusion Studies minor. Here at West Point I am in Company G4 and a Wide Receiver for the Sprint Football team. I have a huge passion for Sports and Performance Psychology and hope to make a career working with athletes one day. But most of all, I love working with people and helping them reach their goals. I know firsthand just how stressful and overwhelming being a cadet can be and would love to help out any way that I can. Whether it is confidence, energy and time management, goal-setting, or even pre-performance routines, I want to do everything in my power to help you get to the next level. Looking forward to working with you!     

Declan Dennis (XO)

My name is Declan Dennis and I am from Clarksville, TN (it is almost exactly in the middle of Fort Campbell and Nashville). I am an Applied Psychology major and a member of company D4. Some of my favorite things are baking, swimming, snowboarding, and hiking. I've moved around a lot in my life and have grown to also love travel and meeting new people. As a peer mentor, I hope to work with people who struggle with managing stress and motivation and finding the balance so that they can calm down enough to perform during an IOCT but also motivate themselves to work on homework at the end of a long day. I am open to engaging with any performance struggle that an individual may have and exploring how to help through performance psychology. I'm honestly just happy to be here and to have the opportunity to help others improve themselves!

Audrey Spiker (PAO)

My name is Audrey Spiker and I am from Dresden, Ohio. I am an applied psychology major and terrorism studies minor. I am on Women’s Team Handball and a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. My plebe and yuk year I was in company D4 and now I am in company C1. In my free time I enjoy hiking, baking, and playing basketball. I am currently a T representative for my company, and I love having the opportunity to raise awareness and help others with whatever their struggling with. I am extremely excited to be a peer coach and have the ability to help people beyond my own company. Ever since sophomore year of high school I have been fascinated by the psychology behind performance/mental obstacles and after taking performance psychology here at West Point, I was hooked. I am eager to use the knowledge I acquired from PL360 to help you with any area you are struggling in/or just want to improve in! Becoming mentally strong is just as important as being physically strong, and working with a CEP peer coach is the perfect place to start!  

Jolie Riedell

My name is Jolie Riedell and I am from San Diego, California. I’m an Applied General Psychology major and a captain on the Women’s Lacrosse team. I am a firstie platoon leader in company I-1 and am extremely excited to be a CEP Peer Coach. I am a huge proponent of managing time, schoolwork, and sports to maximize sleep. I am also available to help anyone that struggles in Mil Move, on the IOCT, or any women who want to increase their ACFT score. In addition to helping with time management, sleep, and physical events, I am more than willing to help others on their journey to achieving a high level of confidence in whatever they do. I am here for you and want you to succeed!

Gary Bullard

My name is Gary Bullard and I am from Chantilly, VA. I am an Organizational Psychology major as well as a member of the Men’s Golf team. I am extremely interested in understanding the physiological responses to both physical and mental stressors. As a dedicated golf player, the game of golf has taught me invaluable life lessons, as well as the importance of integrity, resilience, and hard work. At USMA, cadets face a multitude of physical and mental challenges to include Survival Swim, the IOCT, DPE classes, and military requirements. After passing Survival Swim with the wonderful help of the CEP program, I would love to help others succeed in their own endeavors. I am beyond excited to help you accomplish your goals and succeed!  

Alma Cooper

My name is CDT Alma Cooper and I am the Brigade S1. As a Mathematical Science major, I conducted interdisciplinary research with the Chemistry and Life Science Department for 3 years. Last year, my research group published in Army Chemical Review. Currently, I am completing my honors thesis on “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Expanding Enlistment Eligibility Requirements to Incorporate Potential Recruits with Higher BMIs.” As a Cow, I interned at the Center for Army Analysis at Fort Belvoir, VA where I used Natural Language Processing to code for the 82nd Airborne Division. I am passionate about solving multi-faceted, interdisciplinary problems for the Army through statistical analysis. This summer, I served as the Cadet Basic Training II Regimental Commander. Throughout my time at the Academy, I have faced a variety of challenges in all three pillars but the support from those around me allowed me to persevere. I am passionate about serving others and leaving a positive impact on those around me. I am eager to fulfill this passion through the CEP Peer Coaching program and assist Cadets fulfill their aspirations.  

Tyler Einolf

My name is Tyler Einolf and I’m from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. I am an Applied Psychology major. At West Point, I’m in company D2 (formerly G1) and am the head manager for the swim/dive team (formerly a swimmer on the team). This semester I am also my company’s A Rep NCO. I love working with people and helping them overcome personal struggles and difficulties, and when I found performance psychology through PL360, I knew peer coaching was the role for me. Ever since high school, I’ve been interested in performance and what people can do to improve it. Goal setting, imagery, mindset, you name it – there are so many tools you can use to improve your performance in any area, and they’re all tools you can develop with a little help! I can’t wait to help pass on what I’ve learned and help you out with whatever you may want to improve.  

Phone #: (267) 374-3707

Devin Gay

My name is Devin Gay and I am from China Grove, North Carolina. I am a general applied psychology and Russian double major. I am a member of the Russian forum and spent a semester abroad in Ukraine last fall. As a plebe and yuk I was a cowboy in company C4 and as a cow and firstie I am a proud Greek in company G1. In my free time I like to snowboard, hike, camp, and hunt. I am really excited to continue working as a peer coach and help others in the corps unlock their untapped mental potential. Many people underestimate the impact that their mental game can have on their performance, and I want to help them optimize all areas of their performance. Whether it be the IOCT, a rifle qual, or your next WPR, mental skills can take you to the next level and I’m excited to help you get there! 

Elizabeth Gilbert

I am Elizabeth Gilbert, a proud product of Dallas, TX born into a family of three strong women. Here at the academy, I study Sociology with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion while also competing as a member of the Army Women’s Tennis team. I began my journey here as a plebe and yuk in company B1 as a Barb and now reside in the eagle nest of E3. As a cadet, student, and athlete, I understand the importance of balance and mindfulness practiced in daily life. With the help of CEP I have more importantly learned techniques of how to stabilize my daily life starting within. I wish to help others discover and implement these same techniques that will help build a strong foundation that can weather any storm. I am excited to empower others to sharpen their strengths and weakness into useful tools that can be utilized for their future successes. 

Larry Williams

My name is Larry Williams, and I am from Clayton, North Carolina. I am an applied general psychology major. I am in company B4, and I am captain of the Men’s Rugby team. I enjoy cooking and baking and I love spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy bowling (so if you want to catch the work on the lanes, let me know). But I plan on being a sport or performance psychologist in the future and I am extremely devoted and passionate about helping others in this capacity. I want to help people become the best versions of themselves, whether it be academically, physically, or militarily. I personally know how hard things can get at the academy and I have used performance psychology techniques and other mental skills training techniques to help refine myself and my various performances. It really does work as long as you buy in to it with an open mind. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Richard Ottley

I am Richard Ottley, a diligent Organizational Psychology major from Saratoga Springs, UT. Previously, I pursued Civil Engineering as my major, but my passion for leadership and performance psychology led me to switch my academic focus. I am committed to personal and professional development and utilize my free hours to impart knowledge to others while enhancing my own skills. My research interests are centered around various subjects, including but not limited to goal setting, charisma, leadership, character development, and persuasion tactics. I am an avid fitness enthusiast, and regularly devote my time to rigorous physical exercise. Additionally, I tutor several courses, such as MC300 and Mil Mov. Post-graduation, my career aspirations involve branching infantry and pursuing a career either in the field of special operations or as a business consultant in the civilian world.

Phone #: (801)200-1805

Cameron Riddle

My name is Cameron Riddle, I am in Company F2, Class of 2024.  I am a member of the West Point Spirit Band and the BS&L Psychology Team.  Psychology is a wonderful in that it can both better yourself and your peers!  The CEP Peer Coaching Program gives me the opportunity to help others achieve their high aspirations through the practices of performance psychology.  In the wise words of Jerry Maguire, “I am out here for you!”

Kitty Greenwalt

My name is Kennedy (Kitty) Greenwalt, and I am originally from Indianapolis, IN but now reside in Naples, FL. I am in company E4 and was a proud member of the Army Women’s Tennis team. I am majoring in Applied Psychology and have a specific interest in the impacts of anxiety, stress, and trauma on the human brain and body. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and fear management relating to West Point’s physical pillar, particularly Survival Swimming and the IOCT, these struggles have allowed me to find effective strategies for easing anxiety, conquering fear, and reaching success.  Additionally, I am a strong advocate for mindfulness training and have found that daily mindfulness practice has utterly changed the ways in which I manage stress. All forms of stress (no matter how “small” or “insignificant”) are worth addressing, and I am dedicated to helping others conquer stressors and reach success!

Become a member

Do you want to learn to teach mental skills to others? We are looking for more Peer Coaches! We meet every study day and host at least one main event a year. Although not a requirement to join, most Peer Coaches have taken either PL360 or RS104. 

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Coach, contact: Dr. Longshore at Ensure to include whether or not you've previously taken PL360 or RS104.


Not convinced Peer Coaches can help you? Hear from some of your fellow cadets:

“This is a very important program for the coaches and the users. I strongly recommend that it keeps growing and invites more people to use it as a tool to improve healthy goal setting and performance oriented assessment of their daily lives at West Point.” 

“The PCP experience helped me develop in certain areas of swim and I would recommend it for others struggling who need help from a peer...My mentor was ready to devote as much time into our sessions as I would and I really appreciate that. She did not let me slack off.” 

“...It is much more than just showing up to meetings and discussing psychology.  Instead, it is an opportunity to better both yourself and the others around you through the concepts of performance psychology.  Although I have only been a part of this organization for a year, the knowledge and experience I have gained will last me a lifetime.  I could not think of a better organization of intelligent and dedicated individuals to the lessons and ideas of psychology.” 

“As a recipient of the services provided by PCP, I know firsthand the impact that peer mentoring support can have during times when you are being challenged the most. I have learned and experienced the importance of mental skills like visualization, breathing, meditation, and positive self-talk, and I want to share them with others who are in need of additional peer support.” 

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." 

- Wayne Dyer