Kinesthetics Lab

The K-Lab provides a wide-range of walk-in services designed to boost cadets' physical, academic, and mental performance, including the tennis tutor, egg chairs reflexion board, and virtual reality.

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JH146 (1st Floor, Library)

0800-1600 M-F

Egg Chair, Virtual Reality, and Attention Control Games

Walk-ins Welcome!

Check out the Equipment

Tennis Tutor

The Tennis Tutor is a machine designed to improve cadets' focus and quick decision-making skills. By launching white and yellow tennis balls, cadets are required to catch them with both hands and eventually with one hand each. Cadets looking to improve their attention, hand-eye coordination, and self-talk can benefit greatly from this training tool.

Egg Chairs

Designed for peak relaxation and energy recovery, Egg Chairs can help reduce stress and fatigue levels in cadets. Cadets can sit in them up to 17 minutes per session. While sitting in the chair, cadets can listen to different scripts on an iPad to enhance their experience that meet their individual needs.

Reflextion Board

With its customizable drills, the Reflexion Board is a high-tech training tool that helps improve cadets' focus, attention, decision-making, and peripheral vision. Through touch and interaction with the board, cadets can enhance their cognitive and physical abilities.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a training tool that provides a realistic experience of various training courses, such as IOCT, Survival Swim, and Cadet Field Training. By using VR glasses, cadets can see what to expect in each course through the lens of a cadet successfully completing the training. This tool helps prepare cadets mentally and physically for the challenges of each course.

Meet Our Welcoming Interns

Kelsey McNulty-Kowal (Left) swam during her undergraduate years at Rollins College and recently graduated from the University of Western States with a Master of Science degree in Sport and Performance Psychology. She is currently pursuing certification as a Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) to assist individuals in optimizing their performance and well-being from a holistic and person-centered approach. As one of the interns at the Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP), Kelsey is applying her knowledge and skills to help individuals achieve their goals.

Grace DiVincenzo (Middle) is completing her undergraduate Psychology degree at Marist College and plans to pursue a Master's in Sports Psychology. Her passion for the field was ignited after transferring schools during her freshman year and experiencing a lack of mental health support. This experience led her to aspire to become a mental health consultant, providing guidance and support to individuals during times of transition.

Ryan Deletis (Right) is currently pursuing a master's degree in exercise science with a concentration n sport psychology at Southern Connecticut State University. He is actively working towards obtaining his Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) credentials, with the aim of aiding individuals in enhancing their mental performance through a person-centered and holistic approach. Ryan's primary focus is on working with military personnel and elite athletes to hone the skills necessary for optimal performance during high-pressure situations.

"Through consistent use of the K-Lab's resources, cadets can improve their mental performance and develop skills that can positively impact their daily life."