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What is CAS? 

Cultural Affairs Seminar (CAS) is an organization that establishes, promotes, and sustains an environment that supports African-American Cadets in transitioning from civilian to cadet and from cadet to officer. We accomplish this by providing academic services, professional development opportunities and community outreach programs that support excellence in all pillars of Cadet life. Our vision to is enhance the presence and influence of diversity in our club, in the USCC and in the United States Army.  

Meet Our Club CIC and A-CIC: 

CIC: Alejandro Castaneda Mayol, B-2                                

ACIC: Eric Woods, I-4

Meet our Academic Staff: 

Sorie Yillah, Firstie

Hometown: Romeoville, IL 

Major: Computer Science 

Activities: OCF, Baseball Manger 

What I tutor: PH205/206

Shari-Lee Bennett, Cow 

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Human Geography

Sports: Women's Team Handball

What I tutor: MA103

Eclaybyrne Sailor, Yuk

Hometown: Haymarket, VA

Major: Law and Legal Studies 

Activities: Crew Team 

Position: Academic Officer 

CAS Academic's Mission Statement 

To improve the academic performance of minority cadets through our tutoring program and to create an academically inclusive climate in the Corps. 

Our Core focuses are: 

MA103, MA104, CH101, PH205, Boxing, Mil Move, and Survival Swim 

Meet our Course CICs: 

PH201, Quintin Sherrod (‘25)

He was born in San Antonio Texas but has moved his whole life. He is a Cyber Science major with a concentration in Cyber Operations, is on the Competitive Cyber Team (C3T) and loves anything relating to computers. He likes to play basketball, video games, and help people whenever possible.  

CH101, Colette Muteteke ('25)

Colette Muteteke was born December 2 near Atlanta, Georgia. Having lived abroad for much of her life, she returned to New Jersey to complete high school. She decided to come to West Point for many reasons after having been inspired by her father’s Army career. Colette is in company H3 (Go ‘Canes!), her major is Chemistry, and she intends to branch Med Services. Fun fact, her spirit animal is a dragon. 

MA103/104, Sheyla Street (‘25)

She is from Philadelphia, PA and is an Applied Statistics and Data Science major. She participates in Corbin Forum Workout CIC, MELANATE, Gospel Choir, Company Sandhurst, Writing Fellows, and BCAF.

MA104/103, Gabriella Sorrentino ('25)

 She is from Monroe, NJ. She is an American History and Philosophy double major and a member of the Army Boxing Team, Cadet Gospel Choir, Diversity Forum, and Cultural Affairs Seminar. In her free time she likes to watch TV, read, and cook. She is a big fan of superhero media and trying new foods.

Tyjaha Batiste, PE117

He is from Lafayette, Louisiana. He enjoys Fencing and Track.

Colin Morgan, PE116

While at the academy, he found himself a home in the department of Chemistry and Life sciences, the most biology-heavy academic discipline offered. While at the academy, he was able to examine the adverse effect of microplastics on terrestrial animals under the guidance of Professor Dr. Micheal Labare and his millipede microplastics lab.His opportunities grew his passion for research and STEM. While not studying or training, he likes to go hiking and thrifting. 

Nadia Bazile, Survival Swim

She is from St. Louis, MO. She is a Mechanical Engineering Major. In her free time, she like reading, running, being outdoors. and helping wherever she can. She is a member of the Cadet Gospel Choir and Army Crew Team.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 

Inclusivity means not ‘just we’re allowed to be there,’ but we are valued. I’ve always said: smart teams will do amazing things, but truly diverse teams will do impossible things. 

~ Claudia Brind-Woody 

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